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    Trove News

    Dino Tamer Mod Contest Winners

    Etaew 15 hours ago 223 views

    Thanks everyone for taking part in our Dino Tamer Mod Contest, we are ready to announce the results.

    4 comments Read Article

    Pick A Pack To Suit Your Style!

    Etaew 15 hours ago 161 views

    Autumn has fallen upon the Trovian landscape. With the turning of the season we uncover three new costume packs to take your style to another level!

    0 comments Read Article

    One Sweet Dragon – Dracocolatl, the Mellower

    Etaew 18 hours ago 217 views

    Dracocolatl is ready to unleash sweet vengeance upon Trovians everywhere! This massive, chocolatey dragon can be found roaming the Candorian landscape or tucked away in a secret, sugary sanctuary.

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    Candy Llama Contest

    Digiwolf September 25, 2016 878 views

    The Trove team have accepted my Candy Llama Mod for inclusion into the game, to celebrate I'm hosting a contest supported by Trovesaurus to give you guys a chance at getting one. You can enter this contest with Fan Art, or a Story.

    15 comments Read Article

    Trove Trailer Contest Results

    Etaew September 24, 2016 313 views

    Thanks for taking part in our Trove Trailer contest, we can reveal the entries to you now. We had 7 entries to this contest, so we made sure that they all had a fair chance at winning a prize, some is attached to certain feedback.

    9 comments Read Article

    Textured and Colored Blocks by Twixler

    Etaew September 23, 2016 224 views

    Twixler has a post up on the official forums announcing that the developers will be adding new colored and textured blocks to the game. She would like to know what people would like to see.

    0 comments Read Article

    The Modding State of the Union by Junebug

    Etaew September 21, 2016 490 views

    Hi everyone! I’m taking charge of a portion of player mods -- specifically: Costumes, Mounts, Dragons, and Wings. I’ve been quietly accepting and implementing a handful of mods over the past few weeks to test a new pipeline for player submissions.

    1 comments Read Article

    Friday Livestream – September 23, 2016

    Etaew September 21, 2016 129 views

    Join us on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our weekly livestream! We’re going to visit some of your epic creations for the dino-themed build contest, discuss the chocolate dragon coming next week, as well as share info on three new cosmetic packs, and more!

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    More News

    Developer Posts

    Fasti: Anyone know what I pressed to make this pop up? 16 hours ago

    I'm following up on this. Which controller are you using to play?

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    Fasti: Lost contest progress. 16 hours ago

    Hey there! We have a Bug Report forum for issues like this. Please make sure to post things there directly as that is where our team goes to find reports from players. I've created a helpful guide...

    Read Thread

    Fasti: Trick to find the choco dragons 17 hours ago

    This Thunder214 person may just be onto something. :)

    Read Thread

    Fasti: Patch - 7AM PDT (2PM GMT) September 27, 2016 17 hours ago

    We're checking on this new. More info ASAP.

    Read Thread

    Fasti: Pick A Pack To Suit Your Style! 17 hours ago Autumn has fallen upon the Trovian landscape. With the turning of the season we uncover three new costume...

    Read Thread

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