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Avarem: Market error? 8 hours ago

There are a few Marketplace bugs with the change to the crafting inventory that we've identified on PTS. We'll be patching out fixes in the coming days.

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Avarem: Testing Chaos Chest Drop & Core Rates 9 hours ago

Appreciate that you guys are doing this and giving feedback! A few quick notes here: * We have a bug we'll be fixing in the next PTS patch where if you have a full inventory the chaos chest...

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Avarem: Testing Chaos Chest Drop & Core Rates 11 hours ago

The reason for the limit is that we wanted to increase the speed for the average and even casual player. In order to increase the speed for those players we had to include a limit at the high end or...

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Avarem: PTS Patch Notes - December 7, 2016 20 hours ago

Collections you have unlocked should appear greyed out and the button to craft should be disabled as well. We'll test on the test build as well and make sure they're working that way.

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Fasti: Dragon Effigy - Warning 1 day ago

Hey there, Here is the forum post on the Join the Party event. Here is the blog. Here is the announcement on Steam. Please refer to the full wording of the text there:

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