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Trove News

Giveaway 0

Atlas Reactor Beta Code Giveaway

6 hours ago Etaew 87 views

Thanks to the Atlas Reactor team we have 20 Beta Keys to give away to our Trovesaurus community. Enter the giveaway for a chance of 1 of them in our draw on Monday. Atlas Reactor is a simultaneous turn based multiple combat arena. We have also launched a site specifically aimed at this game, AtlasReactor.info and AtlasReactor.wiki

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Database Update 2

Claims & Karma Edition - Database Update

7 hours ago Etaew 166 views

We've updated the Trovesaurus database for the latest Claims & Karma Edition patch. Changes include more work on the Griffon mount, a Pinata Dragon and a Llama.

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Blog 0

$100 Credit Pack w/ Bonus Bone Dragon

19 hours ago Etaew 19 views

Planning to pick up a $100 Credit Pack from the in game store? Have we got good news for you! For a limited time that big ol’ stack of Credits also gives a tradable Bone Dragon!

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Announcement 0

Temporary Credit Purchase Issue

1 day ago Etaew 128 views

Hello all,

A temporary issue has come up that is preventing players from making purchases with credits or using credit-granting items. Our platform team is on the case and this will be resolved as soon as humanly possible.

Thanks for your patience!

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Build ContestGiveawayResults 4

Nautical Build Contest Results

2 days ago Etaew 340 views

We've drawn to the end of our Nautical Build Contest, thanks everyone for your entries. Now it's time to show everyone what was submitted and announce the winners. If you didn't win this time, there will be another build contest next month.

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Patch 2

Patch - Claims & Karma Edition - 5/24/2016

May 23, 2016 Etaew 536 views

 This patch features a Chaos Chest shuffle, 50% off all classes for this week only, a new claims system and more.

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Livestream 0

Livestream Notes - May 20

May 21, 2016 Etaew 679 views

Thanks to HeroOfPeace who has written up some notes from the last developer livestream. In this edition, Claims UI, Gem Karma, Class Gem Key, Club Chat Mute and more.

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Announcement 3

*RESULTS* for Drumsticks the Griffon Fan Art Contest

May 20, 2016 Etaew 546 views

Such great entries everyone! Again, the hardest part was getting all the votes in and ultimately choosing the winners. To view original contest thread, use this link

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Art ContestGiveaway 0

Mantle of Power - Art Fortnight

May 20, 2016 Etaew 608 views

For this next Art Fortnight, I'd like to cover parts of the Mantle of Power expansion. This topic is intentionally vast, so be creative, pick a part that features the expansion and incorporate it into your work.

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The Creation of a new Mod Loader

May 19, 2016 Etaew 317 views

Trove Toolbox has served us well, but as Jeanolos (the primary developer of the Toolbox) has moved on from the project there are no further updates expected for it. Instead of picking up the code, we'd like to start fresh.

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More News

Developer Posts

Fasti: Store broke again 18 hours ago

If you'd like to follow us on Twitter we've also tweeted out about the issue as well as setting the in game message of the day. We're still working to get this fixed.

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Fasti: bought pack but didnt get items 18 hours ago

If you still haven't received anything, go ahead and submit a ticket so we can investigate for you. Thanks!

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Fasti: Am I the Only One Seeing Something Wrong with the Forum?! 18 hours ago

I removed the images from posts as there was a third part site listed in the corner. If you have trouble again, let us know. However, with the image being big enough to cover the page numbers...

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Fasti: Patch - 7AM PDT (2PM GMT) - 5/24/2016 18 hours ago

Here is the link to my statement. I edited it fairly quickly after posting it to clarify that the karma was for Gem upgrading. We've received a lot of feedback that has taken a variety of forms and I...

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Fasti: Weekly Contests are a Joke 18 hours ago

Don't open multiple threads on the same topic.

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