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Fasti: Trove Livestream December 2nd - Official Question Thread 1 day ago

Closing up the thread with the livestream being over. We'll get another post up on Monday for next week. :)

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Avarem: Chaos crafter is a GREAT idea! 2 days ago

The tradable and untradable ones will have exactly the same loot tables with the single exception of separate karma bars (largely a function of how that tech works). For what it's worth we'll be...

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Avarem: Chaos crafter is a GREAT idea! 2 days ago

We're going to be adding packs more often now as credits, including the new weekly packs.

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Fasti: So I submited my weapon to be added to the game 1 year ago today. 2 days ago

JuneBug posted a modding update a while back that gives you a look at where we stand at the moment. Some mods will wait longer than we'd like but we're doing out best to get mods added as time allows.

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Fasti: account deletion and recovery of most of the money investment 2 days ago

The support team will address any questions you've submitted in your ticket. The forum community isn't able to delete accounts or offer refunds so please work with the support team in the ticket.

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