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The Dino Tamer class is coming soon, check out our Class Pack Preview. (Dino Tamer is still in testing, things may change)

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Etaewday Celebrations

Etaew Site Admin

23 hours ago 699 views

To celebrate Etaewday, the day where Etaew tries to comfort himself that he is getting older. We'll be hosting a few community events, check out the list below.

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Trove Livestream Recap – August 26, 2016

Etaew Site Admin

2 days ago 189 views

If you missed our livestream on Friday we’re about to blow your mind: we recorded the whole thing! That’s right, party people, it’s like you can get all the livestream knowledge on your own schedule.

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Dino Tamer Preview

Etaew Site Admin

August 27, 2016 917 views

The Dino Tamer is available on PTS and thanks to Avarem and Digiwolf we can present a look at the Class Pack, the Class including Costumes and the Biome.

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Going to PAX West? We’ll see you there!

Etaew Site Admin

August 25, 2016 141 views

Hanging out at PAX West? Stop by our Trion booth and say hi! We’re at Booth #117 on the Fourth Floor of the Convention Center.

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Friday Trove Livestream! 12:30 PM PDT (7:30 PM GMT) August 26, 2016

Etaew Site Admin

August 25, 2016 183 views

Join us on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel at our regularly scheduled time this week. We’ll be discussing our time at Gamescom, what’s being planned for PAX, running with the dinosaurs, and more! Drop by and #JoinTheParty!

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Badly Drawn for Blackie Maiden

Etaew Site Admin

August 25, 2016 1,888 views

To celebrate Blackie Maidens birthday, we're giving away 10 Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm. The task Blackie has set for you is to create a Badly Drawn version of either Falminar or Blackies character.

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Super Saturday Login Rewards on August 27th!

Etaew Site Admin

August 23, 2016 709 views

Saturday is always a great day for gaming, but we’re taking it to a whole new level. Join us for Super Saturday on August 27, 2016 and take login bonuses to new heights!

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Patron Pass Sale Through September 5th!

Etaew Site Admin

August 23, 2016 219 views

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: Patron status! Buy a Patron Pass between now and September 5th and save up to 25%!

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Badly Drawn Clubs - Patchday Art Contest

Etaew Site Admin

August 23, 2016 339 views

For 3 hours today during patch time we are asking community members to submit images of drawings on the topic of #BadlyDrawnClubs and submit to our gallery, a random winner will be chosen to receive a Trove Pack.

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Developer Posts

Fasti: Patch - 7AM PDT (2PM GMT) August 30, 2016 13 hours ago

Hey folks, We're coming offline on Tuesday to roll out the Prehistoric Preview patch. Downtime will start at 7AM PDT (2PM GMT) and should last approximately 3 hours. Thanks!

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Fasti: The 3 Gamebreakers and Solutions. 13 hours ago

Thanks for a great post Screamheart! We have plans for Diamond Dragon Eggs so people can make progress to picking one up even if luck isn't on your side. Avarem discussed these changes in on our...

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Fasti: Dps meter suggestion 13 hours ago

Training dummies is a fair request. I have heard it before but will float it up and report back.

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Fasti: make a tome for nine life/make nine tradable 13 hours ago

I don't think having them available to trade is very likely in the short term, but we try to avoid ruling out any options. That said, I can definitely bring up the idea of a Ninth Life Tome. ...

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Mr. E: Patch - Prehistoric Preview - August 30, 2016 20 hours ago

Prehistoric Pack! The Dino Tamer early access has arrived! Get your hands on this class before everyone else, exclusively available through the Prehistoric Pack! The Prehistoric Pack contains:...

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