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Latest Trove news

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Twixler Animator Interview August 1, 2015

In this article we chat with Robin aka Twixler an animator on Trove. We find out about her history, what she does for Trove and some other external projects.

Ellery - Producer Interview July 18, 2015

In this latest exclusive Trovesaurus interview we chat with Ellery a producer on Trove. We find out what he does during his day, and that come a zombie apocalypse which side he see's himself being on.

Trove Launch Exclusive Avarem Interview with IcysGaming July 11, 2015

IcysGaming has an exclusive interview for us to watch, to celebrate Trove's launch he has been speaking with Avarem.

Developer Interview - Khari June 20, 2015

In this article we chat with Khari, a UI developer for Trove. We talk about who he is, what he does, and what it's like to work on Troves UI.

Developer Interview - Dopesheet May 10, 2015

In our third interview with the Trove team, we speak with Dopesheet, an animator on Trove.

Developer Interview - Grumpntug April 21, 2015

In our second interview with the Trove Team we get to know the artist formerly and currently known as Grumpntug.

Avarem - Lead Developer Interview April 8, 2015

In our first set of interviews with the Trove team we head straight for the top, and have a chat with Andrew aka Avarem.

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