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One Line Contest Results 8 hours ago

We just finished up our first artists challenge where we asked the artist to draw Trove related art using a single line. You guys came up with some amazing stuff and here are the winners.

Class Builds Results 9 hours ago

Thanks for taking part in our Class Builds contest, for those who met the criteria the results are below.

Guide Contest Results 2 days ago

Thanks for taking part in our guide contest, here are the results.

Continuous Line - Weekend Art Challenge January 13, 2017

To help give our artist community a regular challenge in between the larger contests we will creating a task for them each weekend.

Snowfest Contest Results January 9, 2017

Thanks for taking part in our first month long themed contest that allowed builders, modders and artists to take part in something with the same topic. Here are the results.

Class Builds January 8, 2017

Thanks for the feedback you guys gave recently about what you wanted to see in the builds section, I've been working on this during the past week and have it in a state that I'm happy with. More things could be expanded on in the future based on the original requests but I think this serves as a good functionality base.

Class Builds Feedback January 3, 2017

The Class Builds section is almost ready to make a comeback, with support for choosing weapon, face, head bonus rolls as well as major gems choices and gem stat priorities. In order to finalise what is a very crowded page, I'd love to hear from you guys what you would like to see in the builds section.

Badly Drawn Sky Sisters - Results January 2, 2017

Thanks for taking part in our Badly Drawn Sky Sisters art contest, here are the results.

Arenas and Minigames Promotion January 2, 2017

This month we are cataloging clubs arenas and minigames. This is a promotion available to club officers only, due to the ability to edit club information on Trovesaurus. However the officers themselves can determine how to distribute the rewards if they win since they are in code form.

Class Art 10 - Knight January 2, 2017

For the month of January we are encouraging artists to submit their interpretations of the Knight class, this was chosen due to the recent focus on modding for that class.

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