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Get Double Gem Box Karma and So Much More!

Posted June 21, 2016 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 357 times.

Tags: Announcement

Become a Trove Patron and open up a plentiful pack of perks like you’ve never seen before! Patron status just levelled up and all that power is yours to command.

New additions to the already powerful Patron perks include
  • Double karma on all lesser gem and booster boxes so you can get a guaranteed powerful gem more quickly!
  • Shadow Tower Key Fragments, Moon Key Fragments, and Eclipse Key Fragments all drop at twice the rate as before allowing you to quickly craft keys and get access to that sweet Shadow Tower loot.
  • The Magic Find bonus is now doubled as well instead of the previous flat +200. Magic Find naturally increases as you kill enemies and increases the quality of loot dropped by enemies.

In addition to these huge new bonuses, Patron also comes with:
  • +5 Jump which is great for new and veteran players, allowing you to reach new heights. In most games double jump is adorable but in Trove that is just the beginning!
  • 2x Daily Rewards means that every daily bonus we offer is twice as good. Collect twice as much ore on Tuesdays. Get even more adventure XP on Saturdays. On Wednesdays you’ll receive even more Gem boxes from dungeons!
  • +2 Max Flask Capacity allows you to spend more time taking down the forces of shadow before you need to return to your Cornerstone or Club World to restock your flask charges.
  • +4 Chaos Factor gives you a guaranteed four Chaos Chests every day that you login. These chests have a chance of containing some of the coolest loot in all of Trove. The more the merrier!
  • +100% Battle Factor is a must have perk for the PvP masters out there. Get access to double the normal amount of weekly Battle Boxes from PvP matches.
  • 2x Battle Box Drop Rate means you’ll not only have access to twice as many Battle Boxes but they will drop twice as quickly.
  • +50% Experience Gain works for just about everyone. New players will use the bonus XP to level up faster but the bonus XP also works on Tomes so Patrons will fill their Tomes up twice as fast each week!
  • 3x Daily Cubits for filling the Star Bar (this can be done by completing dungeons found in adventure worlds). Cubits can be used to purchase powerful items from the Trove Store.
  • +100% Crafting Speed so you can craft in a jiffy and get back out on your adventures!
  • +50 Lasermancy empowers your mining laser so you break down blocks with incredible speed.
Patron status is better than ever so don’t miss out on these bountiful boosts today!

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