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Accepted User Mods

Posted September 3, 2016 by SkyRider3217 and viewed 4,547 times.


The following is a list of items that the author has reported been accepted into the game.





Toji, Frost of Winter

by Fizzinc



Hanami, Spirit of the Blossom

by Fizzinc



Natsu, the Warmth of Summer

by Fizzinc




by DatGuy



The Green Primordial Dragon

by B_Y3LL0W



Christmas Tree Dragon

by SkyRider3217




Cyberian-Tundra Survivor

by Ainogomon




by TheMafian



Wolf of the Sugar Plains

by Digiwolf



Polar Bear

by Screamheart




by Zoe



Sylvan Wings

by Craftsman42



Golem Revenant

by Evilagician




by Jusiv



Cubist Caduceator

by Dusty_Mustard




Everdark Summoner

by FriedSushi



Jungle Sage

by Evilagician



Hexfire Phoenix

by Aviaeri



Blizzy, the Winter Wanderer

by KawaiiCaretaker




Llama Collection

Collab by Milambit, Cretoriani, Dusty_Mustard, Stedms, and Digiwolf


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