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Snowfestivus Quest Chain

Posted December 22, 2016 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 8,442 times.

Tags: Snowfest

The Snowfestivus quest chain is a limited time set of quests. Complete Phase 1 to earn your Snowfest Log.

Phase 1 - Snowfestivus

Started Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Snowfest Log - Earn yours today! In game now for a short time!

Tasks (10)

  1. Kill Enemies in PVP (3) - It's time to celebrate Snowfestivus! Do it right, and I'll help you make a Snowfestivus Log! We start with the Airing of Grievances. Those people upset me greatly. Give them a piece of my mind.
  2. Upgrade Gems (20) - Acceptable. Now it's time for Dinner. Upgrading Gems gives off a great scent, which I use it for my cooking. Spice it up for me.
  3. Kill Enemies (500) - A fine job. Now, go forth and kill enemies and gather their blockiest bits for the entrail entrée.
  4. Forge Items (20) - Dinner is served! While we eat, its time for the Feats of Strength! Prove you have the muscle to work the Forge!
  5. Complete Quests in Dungeons (20) - That was easy. There are giant festive trees suddenly everywhere for some reason. Go show me you can take down the snowsquatches there. Meh, actually any dungeon will do.
  6. Destroy Blocks (100) - Not bad! Snowflakes huh? Bet they'd come in handy to destroy an evil robot's fire shield someday. Nah, that's crazy talk. Now, do you have the strength to… destroy blocks!?! I doubt it!
  7. Get Glim (1000) - You wonder why you're doing this? Keep wondering! I need glim, lots of fresh glim!
  8. Complete 3-Star Dungeons (20) - Now we take some wood, those blocks, the glim, and make your very own Snowfestivus Log! You're welcome. Go run dungeons while I make it for you.
  9. Die (1) - Little problem. It a fine log, but no power. It needs a spark. This will be awkward, but you have to, well, die, to light it.
  10. Complete Challenges (10) - Nice pole. Er, log. Ride it in good health! Now complete Challenges and I will see you next Snowfestivus. Don't disappoint me!

Phase 2 - Save the Season

Starts Thursday, January 5, 2017

G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 - Defeat Flamotron Mk. II, build your own!

Tasks (7)

  1. Complete Quests - Present Lairs are everywhwere! Go get presents!
  2. Make Snowballs - Make some snowballs - you remember how. Save most of them in case a fire golem steals the holidays.
  3. Kill Invaders - These pesky invaders are falling everywhere. Take them out.
  4. Kill Flamotron Mk II - They had a note on them. There's a Fire Golem about to steal the holidays! Get him!
  5. Kill those Ravens -  that buddy he had? Kill several of them. Its great research.
  6. Make a G.R.Y.P.H 3000 -  You know, if you made your own GRYPH 3000, we'd defeat his plan and save the holidays!
  7. Fish - You did it! Now everything is great. Nothing left to do but fish.

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