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Snowfest Contest Results

Posted January 9, 2017 by Etaew and viewed 402 times.

Thanks for taking part in our first month long themed contest that allowed builders, modders and artists to take part in something with the same topic. Here are the results.

Art Contest

Thanks to SkyRider3217 for helping to judge this one.

Griffon Reward

3x Reward Tokens

1x Reward Tokens

All other entries.

Special Mention

Delicious' entry was great but since it won the Badly Drawn Sky Sisters contest, I can't reward it in this one.

Build Contest

Thanks to Evilagician who helped to judge this contest.

Griffon Reward

I like how the player almost created a scene, of his character, additional people to laugh with and the xmas tree there.

3x Reward Tokens

  • Supershiva: posted 4 of the ?faz esse club? The little gnomes are cool.
  • FlooFlop: I like the angle of the screenshot and the moon. And have actually enjoyed the trees
  • Cocoooo: Its a complete village, i like it.
  • dizzyphysics: In the midst of cloud citadel (lots of greys/white tones), is one tree, shining. I think its cool because its out of place :D
  • swiftnightshadow: She has done a wonderful job on the painting.

1x Reward Token

Mod Contest

Thanks to Evilagician who helped to judge this contest.

Griffon Reward

Party Santa could dance all night on this thing.

Christmas Dancepad



3 months ago (2)

3x Reward Tokens

  • Datguy80 If santa had a gliding ride, it would be this carpet.
  • pendk These are very festive wings, shiney and bright.
  • Hexaspherical I would love it, if al ST bosses couldbe themed during seasonal events. Submit the other 3 next year will ya? :)

Christmassy Carpet

MOUNT Candy Barbarian


2 months ago (1)

Wings of festivity



2 months ago (1)

Jolly Prophet



4 weeks ago (2)


Special Mention

Since Evil is judging, I'm going to highlight a mod of his that he submitted (Etaew)

1x Reward Token

Trovian Snowmobile



3 months ago (1)


COSTUME Lunar Lancer


2 months ago (2)

Frosty Raptor



1 month ago (0)

Wings of Frost



1 month ago (1)

Bad date (0)

Snowfest Ice Fishing



1 month ago (1)

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