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Fat Fish & Flashy FX Edition - Patch Notes

Posted August 11, 2015 by Etaew and viewed 1,348 times.

Tags: Patch

The servers will come down at 7 AM PDT / 2 PM GMT with an expected downtime of 4 hours

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  • Fish now have weights, so now you can-have-once caught one thiiiiiiiiiiis big!
  • The heaviest fish of a given type count as a TROPHY CATCH, which can be deconstructed in to Bronze, Silver, or Gold trophies to place in your Cornerstone or Club World!


  • Three New VFX for your Radiant Weapons are now available!
    • Neon - Available after unlocking 50 Neon Dragon Souls.
    • Shadow Stain - dropped rarely when adventuring.
    • Tough Love - dropped rarely when adventuring.
  • Changing Radiant Auras at the Enchanted Forge now goes through them all in order, rather than choosing one randomly.
  • You can now view the auras you have unlocked in the Collections window (Default key: Y) under Styles>Radiant Auras.




  • Chaos Chest rewards been shuffled! Get your hands on the HOT Torched Taurus, submitted by Screamheart!
  • Sorcerous Servant emblem has been added to the store! Are you Sorcerous? Do you want a Servant? WE'VE GOT A FLASK EMBLEM FOR YOU!
  • Clicking "Get Chaos Chests" on the Trove Today screen will now open up a store page that shows nothing except chaos chests! How simple!


  • Using the mouse wheel when in build mode no longer rotates placed objects, and now zooms just like adventure mode.
  • Holding Shift while pressing the middle mouse button will rotate objects.
  • "Walk" in build mode, previously bound to the shift key, is now bound to the control key.


  • "Nova" bosses no fire shots in a half circle in front of themselves rather than all around themselves.


  • Player-summoned objects (Tomb Raiser's minions, Dracolyte's Burnt Offering, etc.) are now destroyed when changing classes.


  • Attempting to loot items with your inventory open will no longer claim you don't have space
  • You can now right click a player's name when they chat in /say (this actually happened last week!)
  • Fixed a few crashes related to Particle Effects.
  • Fixed some video setting changes not saving if the screen resolution was changed at the same time.


  • New hairstyles by GadgetCAT, Humpypants, Dragoes, Narwiff, Zoe, PinkNekoGirl, and AtomicHoagie have been added to the game!
  • Desert Frontier NPCs now drop the appropriate trophies, courtesy of Tribe!

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