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Equinoxide 2 weeks ago

Its okay, I was thinking I was being really creative and was a little ticked that some1 took my idea. But all is forgiven. Didnt expect my work to inspire someone else, which in return is pretty cool :) 

Posted on https://www.trovesaurus.com/art=2124/love-is-in-the-air-

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Dinner for Two

2 weeks ago

Uploaded Art

Dinner for Two

2 weeks ago

Uploaded Art

Equinoxide 5 months ago

what dont you get about 100 words or less? says in the guidelines.

Posted on https://www.trovesaurus.com/page=1817/dino-tamer-story-contest

Equinoxide 6 months ago

I think there should be more contest options for in game. Too many Art based themes which some of us who are not skilled or dont have the time never attend. Possibly some Contests for screenshots of dropped items you have found, or maybe some funny contests like. Who can capture the funniest picture of a Streamer. 

Posted on https://www.trovesaurus.com/page=1764/august-site-update

Equinoxide 7 months ago

Voted: Gunslinger

idk, to me personally i would just love to see what the creative minds of trove can come up with to capture the Gunslinger in Action through art. Which costume will they choose, which gun will he be holding? Its up in the air really. That is what excites me.

Posted on



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