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Modding 101 Chapter 3d: Qubicle (3)

Evilagician (PC) February 21, 2017 37 views

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Builder's Club Spotlight 2017 Issue #03: Primal Grey Matters

Evilagician (PC) February 21, 2017 173 views

To highlight community creations, we're going to feature a Builder's Spotlight once every two weeks. In this issue, we're highlighting builds made with primal grey or the blocks made from primal grey. 

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drawing Fast (i) -

2 weeks ago

Builder's Club Spotlight 2017 Issue #02: Valentine Special

Evilagician (PC) February 14, 2017 170 views

To highlight community creations, we're going to feature a Builder's Spotlight once every two weeks. In this issue, we wanted to focus on valentine's builds. But instead we will focus on nice sceneries found in proposed clubs.

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Evilagician (PC) 2 weeks ago

Its not really winning, every good build deserves attention. I've actually started this because I know of great builds, but i know im missing out on others. But yeah, we've discussed some sort of -featured-in-a-spotlight-badge ^^

Posted on https://www.trovesaurus.com/page=2120/builders-club-spotlight-2017-issue-01-big-bigger-biggest-builds

Creations Spotlight February 14, 2017 New Dungeons

Evilagician (PC) February 13, 2017 355 views

Player Created Content is one of the strengths of Trove. This article will give you a sneak preview of all new dungeons, introduced in tomorrow's  Patch (insert patchname here). It will introduce four new 3* dungeons, two new lairs and two new Shadow Dungeons.

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2 weeks ago

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Candy Throne

2 weeks ago

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Jungle Throne

2 weeks ago

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Enchanted Throne

2 weeks ago

Modding 101 Chapter X-1: Costume Parts List (Accepted Mods)

Evilagician (PC) February 9, 2017 186 views

When Trion accepts your costume mod as a submission, you'll have to rename your modded blueprints.

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Modding: Installing mods from Trovesaurus

Evilagician (PC) February 9, 2017 196 views

This guide is meant for all those people that want to install mods the manual way, this guide will tell you how to find, download and install the mods.

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Modding 101 Chapter 3: Model Modification (Blueprints)

Evilagician (PC) February 9, 2017 205 views

In this chapter we focus on finding the specific blueprints, converting them to editable files, editing and using the override folder to see them ingame. Because you decide on the voxel editing software, we try to include the process for most of them.

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3 weeks ago

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Love is in the air !

3 weeks ago

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The Realm of Trove

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

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About Evilagician

I like to hide stuff for others to find, while i'm building.

Started modding in September 2016, been creating dungeons and such since 2015.

Check all my post on TroveCreations here.

I'm a quality manager in real life so im used to creating guides.

Accepted Dungeon Submissions:

Dungeons Still in the works (in the quest to occupy all biomes):

  • Candoria: 3* Icecream mountain (pending)
  • Desert Frontier (50% done, might scrap or redo)
  • Lost Isles (Idea in mind)
  • Medieval Highlands (need ideas)
  • Fea Wilds (need Ideas)
  • Dragonfire Peaks (need Ideas)

Shadow Dungeons:

  • Prison Dungeon (on hold)
  • School of shadows reworked, in stock for ST 2.0
  • The Fire Pit

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